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About DVDcost

DVDcost launched in June 2009, born out of an idea to let people find the best prices for DVDs in a straightforward way.

It seems like many of us enjoy a bargain, as since then thousands of people across Britain have used the site to save a few pounds and pennies.

Running the site hasn't all been plain sailing. The entertainment retail industry is turbulent at times, take HMV's recent financial problems and closure of their online website for example. Luckily new shops will always spring up and DVDcost will do its best to cover as many of them as possible.

Rob JonesDVDcost is maintained and cluelessly marketed by a solo entrepreneur (that's me). Hope you find it useful!

Send me your thoughts about the site by e-mail. Also check out my DVD recommendations!

Rob Jones, web developer / webmaster.

Which shops are tracked?

365 Games
Reader's Digest
Simply Home Entertainment
The Hut

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